Even if you do not have a garden you can use our Urban Composter to reduce your food waste and so benefit your home and the environment. If you have a balcony mix the contents of the Urban Composter in a large tub of soil, then add to pots, buckets or planters. Place some top soil on top and leave for 6-10 weeks. This will turn into compost which will nourish other pot-plants.

If this is not possible, many councils have regular organic waste pick-up. As a last resort even if you put the contents in the garbage you have reduced the volume of your food waste by about 300%. As the food scraps have broken down in the Urban Composter there will be less negative impact of harmful gases going into the atmosphere. Plus you will have produced your own organic fertilizer which your plants will love.

You can also find neighbors to take your fermented food waste. Visit Sharewaste to find out more