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Garden Soil Auger 61cm long


  • Digs holes up to 560mm deep and 70mm wide
  • It digs for you! Just insert into any 3/8 inches or larger electric or cordless drill
  • Great tool for dozens of garden applications including planting, weeding, irrigation and mixing Compost!
  • Steel; 609mm long and 70mm wide, weighs 450g

Operating Instructions:

  • Insert Soil Auger into drill with pointed tip away from drill. Tighten drill chuck securely, it features a non slip shape.
  • Hold the drill firmly with both hands. Place the drill tip of the Auger straight down into ground where you wish to dig.
  • Start drill slowly. Do not push too hard. Medium speed is adequate to operate the Soil Auger. Allow to drill its own hole.
  • Dig down 50-80mm then slowly pull out, allowing dirt to spin off.
  • Repeat until desired depth is reached. Works best in damp soil.
  • To mix Compost slowly raise auger in and out of the pile whilst turning it.
  • Avoid drilling in to deep in a single motion, if tight simply reverse the drill. Capable of completely mixing a large compost pile in a few minutes.