Ideally leave the scraps in your Urban Composter or City Composter for 2 weeks after filling, to ensure all food scraps are properly fermented. It can be less sometimes in certain conditions. Next ensure all the juice is drained, then bury the remaining pulp under soil, or place it in an outdoor compost bin or pile. The food scraps from your Urban Composter will continue to break down and will become humus in about 6-8 weeks. This compost can be used in garden beds or as a fertiliser.

Having two buckets is ideal. Fill one, let it sit while you fill the second, then empty when the second is full and repeat the cycle.

If you don’t have a garden, mix the scraps in a container equally with soil or potting mix. Once thoroughly mixed add to a pot, bucket or container (without drainage holes). Cover with dryer top soil and leave for 6-10 weeks (can vary on climate and conditions). Then plant into the container or use the conditioned soil on your garden.