The Urban Composter bucket lid is designed to be a snug fit but easy to open and close.

For the Urban Composter – The lid has three clips, one on the front and two on the back side. The lids seals on the inside ring. Make sure all three clips are pushed down. To open unclip the front and pull the lid open. The back clips will pop off with minimal force. The seal is designed to be just right, and not a strong vacuum which would be harder to open.

For the City Composter, The lid clips internally to the indented ring. Push down until it clips in (remember to do this each time properly). To open use the finger tabs to pry the lids up and pop off the ring. If you find the lid is hard to open try putting some vegetable oil around the top of the bucket where it contacts with the lid. With use the lid will soften and become easier to open.