We endeavor to test the fit on all our buckets before shipping.

If the nut on the inside of the composter which the tap screws into has been inserted the wrong way, it won’t have pressure on the o-ring and leak. If this has happened, unscrew the tap, remove the nut, rotate it and put back in to a new position. The tap should now be snug when screwed in and no more leaks.

If the leak is from the tap itself: there may be food inside it, which can block and prevent it from closing. Unscrew the top half of the tap and flush it. We always recommend using a paper towel over the grate when you start a bin to prevent tap clogging.


A build-up of liquid should not be allowed to accumulate in the bottom of the Urban Composter. It is important to drain off the liquid every few days.

See our video which trouble shoots all tap issues;