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Pro-Biotic Cleaner

We are excited to launch our new Probiotic Cleaner. Using the same effective microbes from our compost accelerator, it’s a completely new & natural alternative to regular chemical cleaners.

Natural Ingredients
Effective Microbes (certified organic), Molasses, Citric Acid, Lemon Essential Oils
ZERO Chemicals! – Completely Natural
Vegan ingredients.

Quality Cleaner
It works really well on most surfaces, breaking through grime and grease.
Different to a conventional cleaner, as it is a living culture.
Rather than an antiseptic which kills everything, it kills germs and the nasty bugs – Not the good ones.
In fact it leaves pro-biotics all over your surfaces, which continue to ward off harmful microbes long after you’ve cleaned. This is much better than sterilising a surface, which can quickly become infected with germs and super-bugs as there is no longer any good microbes left.

Non toxic and won’t harm you, so no worrying about kids getting into it.
Safe to go down sinks and won’t harm the environment, septic or grey water tanks.
If you use with paper towels you can compost them after cleaning with this product (assuming no chemicals were being cleaned up)

We hand brew and bottle our products ourselves here in Sydney. The bottles used are also Australian made locally in Sydney and from recycled plastic.

Appropriately scented with natural (and locally sourced) lemon essential oils. It’s not overbearing and smells great, leaving your rooms feeling fresh.

Composter Compatible
A safe and effective cleaner to use on your Urban Composter. It aids cleaning after emptying, helps to neutralise smells, and won’t harm the microbes.



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