Urban Composter: The Australian product revolutionising indoor composting

Urban Composter™ and Compost Accelerator
Behind its sleek good looks this revolutionary Australian-designed composter delivers clean, effective compost from kitchen scraps.


Sydney, Australia – 25 August 2013 –  From New York to Cologne, Bundaberg to Geraldton the Urban Composter is now found in more homes than ever before. This neat little kitchen composting unit continues to turn heads as it rapidly becomes the indoor composter of choice. Behind its sleek good looks this revolutionary Australian-designed composter delivers clean, effective compost from kitchen scraps.

The secret and the thing that makes the Urban Composter™ so different to many compost bins on the market today is the composting process that starts right in the bucket.

More than a stylish scrap bin, the Urban Composter™ and its uniquely formulated Compost Accelerator Spray starts the anaerobic composting process under the lid; breaking down your kitchen scraps and leftover food and turning it into nutrient rich fertilizer.

The Compost Accelerator Spray is clean and simple to use

The secret to the clean smelling compost is the Compost Accelerator Spray made from Australian fruit extracts, and the tight sealing lid, ensuring that the composting starts almost immediately.

“It’s a better solution than Bokashi granules because you don’t have to retrieve the bag of Bokashi each time you want to add Accelerator,” explains Lynette Gregory from Quality Products.

“We’re also noticing that more and more traditional Bokashi Composters are switching to our Compost Accelerator Spray, as a cleaner more efficient alternative,” she added.

The Urban Composter™ is easy to maintain

The Urban Composter™ requires very little intervention through the composting process. Every day you simply drain the excess moisture using the in-built tap, dilute this mixture with water and you have your own organic fertiliser that your plants will love.

Once the bin is full, which normally takes between 10-14 days for most families, leave it to ferment for about a week before digging the pulp in to a garden bed to break down further.

The Urban Composter™ has international appeal

Recently the Urban Composter™ – a uniquely Australian design – was demonstrated at NY Now and European trade shows, with many retailers excited about stocking these funky designs in their stores.

Coming later in the year is the Urban Composter™ City; the smaller cousin of the Urban Composter™ Bucket.  The “City” will retail at under $50 and the “City Starter Kit” will retail at $65 and include the bucket, Compost Accelerator and Natural Citrus Cleaner.

“The ‘City’ is perfect for city-dwelling couples in compact apartments where they might eat out as often as they cook,” explains Luke Gregory the designer of the Urban Composter range.

“Some customers told us they couldn’t fill their bins fast enough, so the new smaller Urban Composter City is the perfect solution,” he added.

Getting started with the Urban Composter™

The Urban Composter™ Starter Pack delivers everything a new home composter needs to start composting straight-away. Priced at $75, plus postage Quality Products will deliver an Urban Composter™ Bucket, with a bottle of Compost Accelerator Spray and a Natural Citrus Cleaner that won’t harm the Effective Microbes (EMs) that do the hard composting work in the bucket.

Each bucket comes with simple to follow assembly and usage instructions. Support is available from the Urban Composter™ website and Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/UrbanComposter.

The Urban Composter™ is one of the least expensive and most advanced composting systems on the market and best of all – it is uniquely Australian.

The Urban Composter is available for immediate delivery online at https://urbancomposter.com.au. Now there’s no reason you shouldn’t be composting at your place with the stylish Urban Composter range from Quality Products.

Lynette Gregory
[email protected]
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Warriewood NSW 2101
Ph: +61 (0)2 9999 0684


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